Top Ten Online Degree Programs

Posted by writer on July 28, 2011 at 5:47 pm.

Today, more and more students are going back to school to earn a degree due to the high need for job promotion and career advancement which can only be achieved if one has a degree. Because of this great need, more and more schools are offering online degree programs to accommodate the needs of not just students but busy professionals as well. Here are the top ten online degree programs you might want to consider if you want to further your education.

1. Business Administration is at the top. There is always a great need to understand how business works and how to manage it in order for it to grow effectively. A business administration degree could provide you with a great foundation in this field.

2. Nursing continues to be on demand as the need for nurses grow.

3. Psychology is growing due to the general need for healthcare services. A psychologist these days can specialize in forensics, business trends, and sports.

4. Criminal Justice is becoming more specialized. Online schools offer ballistic science, forensic degrees, crime scene investigation, and homeland security and computer forensics.

5. Religion degrees are for those who want to become preachers. Nevertheless, this degree is not only for those who want to preach but also for those who want to teach, understand and administer diversity.

6. Health Administration is in demand due to the need for more administrators to run hospices, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and nursing homes.

7. Counseling increased as the need for mental health services increases. This profession can be done as an individual license practice or with a group or organization.

8. Early Childhood Education is in response to the great need for early childhood facilities such as pre-schools and daycares.

9. Accounting is in demand for just about any kind of business, government facility and non-profit agency. The accounting field is becoming more and more diversified all throughout the private and public sectors.

10. Human Resources are important these days. Human resource should be updated n all laws and regulations governing employees.

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