The Five Most Popular Online Degrees

Posted by writer on April 11, 2011 at 2:25 am.

Online courses and distance learning are becoming more and more popular with the internet becoming more a part of culture and society. Online degree programs offer many courses the same as a traditional school. With plenty of universities and colleges and many degree options, it often leads to the question as to what are the most popular online degrees. One of these most popular degrees might interest you or provide you information on the trends of society these days.

On top of the list is a Business Administration degree. Business always exists whether big or small and there is always the need to comprehend how business works, manage and how to make it grow. Because of this, this degree is the most popular online degree today. Second most popular is Nursing due to the great need for health care providers. Online schools are making programs more flexible and they are collaborating with local hospital in providing scholarships to meet the needs of more and more people wanting to get a nursing degree online.

Psychology is the third most popular degree online. There are more needs for psychologists to do research or to provide counselling to individuals and families. Today, psychologists can specialize in forensics, business trends, sports and post-traumatic stress disorders. Next on the list is Criminal Justice with degrees in ballistics science, forensics, computer forensics, crime scene investigation and homeland security. The growing terrorism threat also requires more security for the nation as a whole. Health administration comes next with the increase in the demand for administration needs in running hospice facilities, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and doctor’s offices.

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