Offline and Online Education

Posted by admin on January 13, 2011 at 4:38 am.

Before the Internet, we had been in this situation where we spend hours in school, making up classes, school projects, and extracurricular activities and so on. Sometimes, we take a part time job to support ourselves just to keep up in paying our tuition fees.  The fun part of offline classes is we interact with each other, face to face with our teacher/instructor, classmates, staff etc. We simply learned from them although we always used the same textbooks that the school offers but since the Internet became popular, almost many schools in our places have them.  You can easily download a PDF file for your textbook or any research material you needed.

With the technology revolves in our daily lives, we simply took advantage of it and use it every day. Offline and Online classes have their own strength and weaknesses. By means of online classes, you don’t have the interaction or quick response with you teacher. E-mail and instant messaging are your ways of communication. Although some of them provide a face to face interaction using webcam.  Online class can both save you time and money. Offline class or going to a real class offers a face to face interaction and conversation for the lecture provided. Although you will spend several years of education with offline classes due to some subjects with in the course you took from your school. Unlike online class you can easily focus on your course you chose and spend 2-3 years of E-learning.

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