Five C’s of Online Learning

Posted by writer on August 2, 2011 at 5:25 pm.

A lot of students opt for online courses for various reasons. However, in online degree programs, there are some right reasons why you should pursue it. These reasons are called the five C’s of online learning, as many people prefer to call them.

The first C is convenience. With online degrees, you can set your own schedule and balance work and school at the same time and manage your time more easily. The second C is the cost. Online course are more affordable. Furthermore, you get to save money on books, traveling and food. You can also take a break from a semester if you do not have the money yet.

Another C is connection. Courses are very interactive online, thus you can communicate with other students and your instructors. You get to connect with students throughout the country and open your mind to diverse opinions. The next C is commitment. You learn to commit yourself to something and follow through it. You should be honest with yourself and commit to your online classes. The last C is control. With online learning, you get more power of the learning process. Learning at your own pace is a great option. You can skim subjects flexibly and spend more time on subjects that you find harder to understand.

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