Beginnings of Online Education

Posted by writer on July 5, 2011 at 3:56 pm.

World Wide Web’s launch in the year 1991 altered the way communication, ideas and information are exchanged. The world of internet has a huge impact on the education field. Through technology, new kinds of online education started to pop up. The earliest type of online education was not as effective as it is nowadays. Students could find lessons and lectures prepared by teachers and most course materials are accessible via the internet.

Internet technology grew tremendously form mid 90s to the early 200s. Courses online have turned more accessible and efficient. Teachers, instructors and professors can record lessons and upload them using the webcam and students could view these videos online. Another great development during this time was the use of external and internal microphones, which allow students to communicate online with their instructors.

Nowadays, there are so many types of online education courses for various styles and learning. There are some courses that are solely online while others combine online learning and in-class work. There is online education available for adult learners, college students and even Kinder up to Grade 12 students. Learning online is said to continue to grow as more and more colleges, universities and public schools continue to utilize computer technology. Online education is perfect for those who have full time jobs but desires to get a degree.

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